IMPORTANT NOTICE TO HOMEOWNERS: Shutter requirements 2010 Building Code Change




Have you purchased a home with shutters?  Perhaps within the last few years you have purchased shutters for your home?



Per the 2010 Building Code homes with existing shutters will no longer be able to receive a permit for changing out windows with non-impact windows without first showing proof of a permit being pulled for the hurricane impact shutters on your home.




I am also hearing from a lot of our customers that homeowners insurance companies are also requiring proof of permit, design wind pressures for the products, as well as a signed document from a city inspector stating your job was completed correctly.


So now you’re probably asking yourself …  How Do I find out if the company I used pulled a shutter permit or if the homeowner before me had a permit pulled for shutters? And what do I do if I do not have a permit?



Well, we’re here to help.



Most building departments have an online permit search program. I will list the search sites for these permits for SW Florida. Make sure to choose the search by address option. This will pull up any permits ever pulled for work done on your premises.




  1. If you did not have the shutters installed yourself, and your purchased your home with shutters, you will be required to pull the permit yourself and have the job inspected. (Below I will list phone numbers to the building departments for S.W Florida. Most agents we work with in the different counties are very knowledgeable, and will be happy to assist you in correcting this issue. No worries, this won’t be as expensive or time consuming as you think.

  2. If you have purchased shutters and you are unable to locate a permit for the shutters you have had installed. Please contact the company that you purchased the shutters from, and let them know that you need them to pull a proper permit for the work they have done.  If the company is since out of business, then you will have to pull the permit yourself.

  3. If you are having non impact windows done sometimes the company installing your windows will be willing to pull a permit for you along with window permit being pulled with your job. Understand that this is a risk for a company to take responsibility for work they have not done. This may require extra fees, but saves you time, and ensures the job is completed properly.




List of website links for SW Florida building departments & Contact Information



Lee County

(239) 533-8329  option #2




City of Fort Myers (Downtown, River, and historic District)

(239) 321-7900





Fort Myers Beach

(239) 765-0202




Cape Coral

(239) 574-0546  Option #2  then Option #3





Collier County

(239) 252-2400  Option # 0  – Ask for someone in permitting or Plan review

(You can call and ask reception here to find out whether you need to speak to them or City for permitting information)



City of Naples

You will have to call them. City of Naples does not have a search engine for past permits.

(239) 213-5020


Marco Island

This building department also does not have a search engine for past permits at the moment.

Marco Island Building Division – Phone: 239-389-5059 – Email:



Bonita Springs

Permit Tech:(239) 444-6171   Permit Tech: (239) 444-6175




Sanibel building department does not have a search engine to view past permits.

You will have to call them directly and ask.




Desoto County ( Lake Suzy, Arcadia)

Desoto County does not have a search engine to view past permits. You will have to call them and ask directly.

1- (863) 993-4811



Punta Gorda

Punta Gorda does not have an search engine to view past permits. You will have to call them and ask directly.

(941) 575-3324





Charlotte County

(941) 743-1201

(You can call Charlotte and give the address if you are unsure whether it is Charlotte Co or PC)



Hendry County (Labelle)





City of Clewiston does not have a search engine to view past permits. You will have to call them and ask directly

1-(863) 983-1500

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