Whether you have just purchased Acrylic windows to enclose your Lanai  or already have them, this is a simple but great read.  More times than not we end up damaging Acrylic windows by simply using the wrong products.   Keep reading to find out how to keep your Acrylic windows beautiful, bright, and most importantly scratch free!



How to clean  Acrylic Glass 


1. Start out by figuring how much dirt or residue is present on the acrylic glass


2 If there is only a small amount of dust, then only use water. If there is a significant dirt built up, then you would mix water and a mild non abrasive detergent like Dawn dish soap.


3. If the acrylic surface has just a small amount of dirt, the using a damp wash cloth will do. The manufacturer of our Acrylic products suggest that you keep turning the cloth on a clean side to clean the glass.  Its very important to NOT rub dirt into the surface because it can cause scratches to appear.


4. If there is a significant amount of dirt or grime, Use a very wet cloth to allow the water to rinse away the dirt.    Then use a dry cloth  as directed in step 3                                                                                                            (keep flipping the cloth to avoid scratching the surface)



What to do if your Acrylic window has a scratch 


Use car wax or some other buffering compound to remove scratches safely.  Apply Wax and use the supplied buffer to buff until the scratch is removed.



Avoid nay cleaning products that containing AMMONIA.   Any product that has Ammonia in it will eat through any acrylic surface and leave it looking cloudy


Other cleaners that will eat through the surface of your acrylics:



Window cleaners,

kitchen scouring compounds,


Solvents such as thinners, Acetone, gasoline, and tetrachloride.

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