How To Avoid 6 Mistakes Often Made with Home Improvement Projects

Even if you do not end up using our company for your exterior project. We would still like to inform you of 6 mistakes you could be making when you decide to upgrade your home,  This is great information for any home improvement project whether it be interior or exterior for you to keep in mind!


1.  DO NOT:

Hire a company to fix your repair or issue without having it estimated  first.

Sounds like a no brainer I know, but more times than not  customers will ask to have someone fix an issue without really knowing what exactly that issue is.  Some companies will come out and “fix”  the described issue and not hesitate to charge you without addressing the real underlying issue

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Ask for a free estimate when you call.  If the company you are seeking does not provide you with a free estimate or inspection  Find someone else!  Most companies do provide a free estimate in hopes to earn your business.




2. DO NOT:

underestimate your own or someone else inability to understand  terms of your agreement.

Obviously, when two or more people communicate there can be misunderstandings.






 Make sure whatever you discuss with a company or representative is clearly stated in writing, and that you and your hired hand  agree exactly to specific terms.  Everything that is discussed in your appointment should be detailed  in your contract or agreement.  Merely talking about something to a contractor does not make them liable to do it.  When something is discussed it is considered a verbal agreement and is not recognized as a contractual agreement.  If anything happens to go wrong, as it can sometime, you may find yourself responsible for any other costs, or extra work to be done.


3. DO NOT:

Do it yourself unless you are experienced in whatever repairs/ remodels you are looking to complete.

Of course that sounds like something a company would say Right?   It would be. Of course we would like to earn your business but there is actually a better reason.   You might think you know how to properly install,refinish,  etc and  then ooops!  You end up causing more damage which leads to more money spent on a project then you initially intended.
In some of those cases you may end up spending far more than if you would have just hired a licensed contractor to service you. In most of these cases though, if you find you are unable to do it yourself  you end up paying for the same project twice.  Once for your materials, time, any mistakes made as well as a secondary cost for having a company come in and re due it for you
For those of you that can handle  your own projects. That is awesome! Proceed, but make sure to check with your local building department for any permits you may need before you start your home project.  You would be amazed at the paperwork you are required to file and process before working on some seemingly simple project on you own home.. OH  wait   Its Florida. You are probably not that shocked  =P


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Get an free estimate!  Even if you think your going to do it yourself, its a waste of time, or a waste of a professionals time… its not.  Your estimate will include different options available to you in regards to your project, and at the very least its free advice.  As for a professional, if you are worried about wasting there time, you are not.  Free estimates are a courtesy as well as a means to promote the company. Any kind of referred business, word of mouth advertising a company can get or a chance you’ll return for a separate project would never be a waste of a professionals time.  Of course, we would hope to earn your business, that would be the end game in mind, but it is also a courtesy most companies provide to the community



4. DO NOT:

 Wait til your home issue is out of control to hire a professional!

Our homes are one of the largest purchases and investments that any of us will ever make. They can be costly to keep up with as well as most us can understand. Sometimes  it can be real easy to overlook things or  simply put them off.   It really does cost more in the long run because small issues most always turn into bigger issues over time.



If you see anything starting to go wrong, address the issue as soon as possible.  If you catch an issue or repair soon enough it will cost you far less to address it early then later on when the damage may have spread to other areas of the home.  You home is not an investment anyone can afford to let fall at the waist side.



5. DO NOT:  

Be afraid to look at surrounding counties in your area for a contractor that is right for you.

It seems convenient enough to just hire someone that is local but the company you chose base on close proximity may not be the right fit for you.




Make a few phone calls.  This may actually help you find a company that is willing to better fit your price range,  that you feel best suits you etc. Companies typically have a service area in which they are willing to go outside there home counties to earn your business.




6. DO NOT:

Assume the lowest price is the best price, or that the highest price  means top of the line service.

As the old saying goes, you do get what you pay for. The lowest price may be able to be given to you because the service tech, handyman or even a company may not have the necessary insurances, meaning the person or company in question does not have overhead to account for so they can give you a lower price. A lower price with expensive cost should they be found on your job site without proper licenses and insurances, or heaven forbid an accident should happen on your property. It would not be covered. Or it could as simple as being able to give you that price because warranties have been deducted from your contract price. In that event, you’ll be taking a risk that should your new product or repair fail, you’ll be responsible for the extra repair cost.  This does not happen with all companies that give the lowest price but is is a risk that should be considered and made clear in writing when you sign a contract.
A higher price in the same respect does not mean  you are getting a top of the line company, that your getting all the bells and whistles for your hard earned dollars, nor does it mean you’ll be guaranteed any extra complimentary service should any issues arise from the service you’ve contracted.  More times then not  its just price gauging on the same product, with the same type of warranty you’d get from a similar company.




Again, do not be afraid to make a few phone calls and shop around.  Have clear idea on how much you are able to spend on a home project, and get at least 3 estimates if time permits.   Yes, some instances the price can be a little more then you anticipated as well. That is okay, and doesnt mean a company is to expensive for you, or that they are gouging. Talk to your contacted companies about your options.  Ask as many questions as needed before you sign your John Hancock to any line so all parties involved are clear.   Talk to them about what is included in the price, but more importantly what is NOT included in the price.  Back to  advisement  #2, make sure all of those details are documented fully in your contract before you sign.



I hope you all found this article entertaining as well as informative.  =)


– Jessica

Southland Exteriors





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