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If you’re tired of your home’s look, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to move. A simple addition to your home can make a huge difference. This can include new windows, siding, and exterior doors, all of which you can get in Fort Myers, FL.
With help from Southland Exteriors LLC, you can get the right exterior features to upgrade your home and improve its curb appeal. You’ll feel welcomed and refreshed every time you come home.

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As a small business, we can meet with you in person and suggest a customized solution for your home. With our EPA certification and high Better Business Bureau rating, we have the qualifications our customers trust. Plus, we supply durable products that stand up to time and weathering.

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At Southland Exteriors, we offer a wide array of beautiful living solutions.
For example, our strong yet stylish entry doors for your Fort Myers, FL, home keep intruders out while welcoming visitors in. Our expansive lanai enclosures give you a place to cool down while still allowing you to view the outdoors. And our tough hurricane shutters and screens protect your windows from hurricane damage.
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At Southland Exteriors, We are dedicated to seeking out the strongest & most visually stunning exteriors doors. We then offer these products to you at affordable prices to fit any budget! For technical information on any of our door lines and/or if you are interested in a free, no obligation quote, please contact us.
Our team will come out and tell you about our products, as well as answer any questions you might have about our, or another product. We promise to offer you a friendly, knowledgeable, professional staff, who are passionate about our line of work. We can be reached at (239) 936-8311 and look forward to hearing from you!

Hurricane Shutters & Screens

Sometimes an Impact Window just isn't what a Homeowner needs, and we can respect that decision. Southland Exteriors offers a full line of Hurricane Shutters & Screens to compliment our Windows, and your needs. We carry it all, Lexan, Steel, and Aluminum! We have a variety of types, such as Accordion, and Panel Shutters.

Lanai Enclosures

Enclosing your lanai is an investment in your home and lifestyle. Lanai Enclosures are an affordable solution for any homeowner that needs more space but doesn't want the expensive, inconvenience and time involved with traditional additions. Your Lanai will be designed to your preference, tastes, and your style.Enjoy a new view of the outdoors and the endless options of your new space!

Vinyl Siding

Here at Southland Exteriors we have learned over the years that homeowners often overlook the Siding covering their homes. The feedback we received from most homeowners was that they only really viewed Siding as a means to brighten up the exterior of the home to give the house a newer appearance. This is true, replacing siding gives your house a face lift and does brighten the appearance, but did you know that replacing your siding is also Energy Efficient? Surprisingly enough, Siding is also being made for noise reduction as well? Did you also know that Siding is now being made to resist 200 mph winds! Perhaps your interested in “Going Green” and concerned with the betterment of our shared environment. ALL the latest in Vinyl Siding advancements!!

Eaves and Overhangs

Premium Ventura offers the utmost curb appeal without compromising the functional features you need. It gives your home a finished look with premium vinyl Eaves And Overhangs sculpted in a smooth, clean profile. And according to recent tests, it delivers up to 50 percent more ventilation space than other leading hidden vent panels.